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Your Guide to a Successful Career in Pub…

This course tells about the Guide to a Successful Career in Public Health: Masters of Public Health

1 week 1 Lectures English

Certificate in Online Teaching

As mobile technology, flexible work, and the post-pandemic economy continue to grow, online learning is becoming more widespread.…

5 Weeks 45 Lectures Hinglish

Certificate Course in Solid Waste Management

The aim of this program is to introduce the concept of solid waste and its management-related topics: from…

3 Months English

Certificate Course in Environmental Heal…

The objectives of the program will include describing the significance of environmental Health and Hygiene and establishing an…

3 Months English

Certificate Course in VLSI Design

The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of the entire logic design process with the…

6 Months English

Diploma in IOT with AIML

The goal behind the Internet of Things is to have devices that self-report in real-time, improving efficiency and…

12 Months English

Diploma in Intelligent VLSI Design

The proposed Diploma program in Intelligent VLSI Systems is designed to provide working professionals with state-of-the-art knowledge in…

12 Months English