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Certificate in R Programming for Beginners

This course gives a comprehensive introduction to R, a popular programming language for statistical analysis and data visualization.…

2 Weeks English

Certificate in Electric Vehicle Sales Executive

This course initiates candidates into the emerging area of Electric Vehicles and helps them learn the Basics of…

7 weeks 42 Lectures English

Diploma in Yoga Stress Management

तनाव प्रबंधन पाठ्यक्रम का उद्देश्य योग की मदद से इंसान की रोजमर्रा की कार्यप्रणाली में सुधार लाना और…

39 रिकार्डेड कक्षाएँ + लाइव व्याख्यान Lectures Hindi

Certificate In Social Media Marketing-Hindi

Launch your career as a Social Media Marketer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career. No degree or…

4 hours 30 5 Lectures English

Certificate Course In E-Journalism

This course provides an introduction to journalism, the strategies for achieving success as a social media influencer, and…

3 Weeks 87 Lectures English

Training And Placement In Information Te…

In this course Training and Placement in Information Technology –Enabling Services learners will learn about MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, Communication…

23 hour Self-Paced and 11 live session 79 Lectures English

Certificate Course in German language

The certificate course aims to train students in the basics of the German language. It's for 6 months.…

6 months /24 weeks 24 Lectures English