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Certificate in Red Teaming

The Course introduces you with the Cyber Security Fundamentals , Concept of Cyber Threats , Cyber Law and…

6 months English

Diploma in Big Data Technology (New Age)

To acquaint the learner with the fundamentals of Big Data Analytics. To understand and analyze the complex data using…

12 Months English

Certificate in Sericulture

By the end of the program, the students will be able to acquire competency in the discipline with…

6 Months English

Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Learning the fundamental principles and different methods of refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Study of various refrigeration cycles and…

6 Months English

Cryptography Certification Course (CCC)

The comprehensive curriculum that teaches participants about cryptographic concepts and methods is called the Cryptography Certification Course (CCC).…

1 Month English

Cybersecurity using Python (CUP)

Participants in the Cybersecurity using Python (CUP) course learn how to apply Python to cybersecurity. Through projects and…

1 Month English

Certified Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

The goal of the Certified Security Operations Center (CSOC) course is to equip students with the skills necessary…

2 Months English